What is this blog about?  Great question, sometimes I’m not even sure I know.  However, I figure this is a great avenue to share adventures, stories (some true, so not, some unequal parts of both), family, friends, people, rando’s, movies, pictures and just about anything else you or I might imagine, with family and friends both near and far, as well as anyone else who might stumble into here.  If you did stumble into here, first off “welcome” and secondly feel free to share, comment follow anyone who knows me knows that “the more the merrier.”

About me, my name is Cyril Martin Glastetter II, aka jr, aka eskimo.  Born in Anchorage, AK the son of Margaret Glastetter and Cyril Martin Glastetter Sr.

Grew up in Nunaka Valley in east Anchorage, went to Nunaka Valley elementary school from 1983 – 1988 when I moved to Highlands Ranch, Colorado and have been here ever since.  With most of my moms side of my family being from Barrow, AK, I have been very fortunate to be able to visit Barrow “The Top of the World” throughout my childhood and throughout the years.




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