Sleddin’ in Steamboat

Posted: November 24, 2013 in Snowmobiling, Trips
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Finally the 2014 Sleddin’ season is here.  Nothing like rolling up to beautiful Steamboat, Colorado for a little snow therapy.

For anyone that has ever been to Steamboat you probably already know what I’m talking about and for anyone who hasn’t, this is a must for amazing riding of all types and there’s just something about the Champagne Powder.  With over 4 ft of snow already on the ground, we are off to great start for an epic season, well kinda, of course if you have spent enough time around Snowmachines (sleds) you know that something is going to break or malfunction.  Rough start to my good friend and riding pal Ben Bunte, who dropped a cylinder just as we were approaching the destination riding areas, but hopefully it won’t be long before he gets his new Ported and Polished Bikeman Motor Ski-Doo.

Pretty neat running into the Colorado Snowmobile Association film get together while in Steamboat, always nice to mingle with fellow riders and sledding enthusiasts.  Big props to Bent & Broken film productions out of Steamboat, great job on the film work, great angles and love the mash ups.

With any luck and a little bit of wrenching we’ll be back on the snow this coming weekend, storm chasers signing off till next time.


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