Anchorage straight to Ft Lauderdale

Posted: June 15, 2013 in Cool Peeps, New Experiences, Trips

Straight from Anchorage, AK, meet Liz (my girlfriend) in Denver and it’s off to Ft Lauderdale.  That my friend is a long day in a plane for anyone, being 6’6″ 295lbs (ok 301lbs) lets just say it feels kinda cramped, not to worry you simply wear a smile and make the best of it.  However, so awesome to be able to join Liz’s dad Mark and his beautiful wife Arianne, at his retirement party.  “Congratulations to Mark for all your hard work and dedication.”  In the his words “On to more creative things” like writing kids books and art, stay tuned for these, they’ll be great I’m sure.

As you can see by the pictures below, we took advantage at being able to take a stroll through the waterways in Florida on “Gabriella” the boat.  Huge thanks to Alex for taking us out on the water and the one of the local Islands “Beer Can Island” for some BBQ, Beers and Sun in the Surf.  What a great time just relaxing in the surf and visiting with the locals.  Had my first taste of Slowed Cooked Boars Hind Quarter, which if you ever get an opportunity to try this do it.  Big thanks to Carlos for slow cooking this for 5 – 6 hours, the shot of Cuervo Tequila and for literally breaking bread, dipping it in the succulent juices of the slow cooker, yum, still makes my mouth water.


Congratulations Mark on your Retirement, you deserve it!  Enjoy!

2013-06-01 11.12.52

Left to Right – Mark, his daughter Liz and wife Arrianne

2013-06-01 11.13.08

Upon returning to the Slip, we went directly to a restaurant that served up some great Spanish foods, including delicious Tapas, Sangria and a specialty coffee drink, dammit I can not remember the name but than again we had a pitcher or two or… of Sangria, haha

We had so much fun visiting with Alex and his beautiful daughter Gabriella, here in the picture below.

2013-06-01 22.00.46

Alex, good chat about taking the boat to the Bahamas, we will definitely have to put our calendars together and make that happen.



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