Alaska State Fair 2011

Posted: August 27, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Welcome to the Alaska State Fair!
Just awesome to be here back in Alaska and my home. So good to be here with my sister Mella, Kathi, Liz and friends, we just go done having a porkchop on a stick and some cheese curds, Im not much for cheese curds but the girls are loving them.  For anyone that has never been here the food is as good as they say it is, Salmon Clam chowder, elephant ears, Turkey Legs and corn fritters.  This is a real treat for me, I haven’t been to this fair  in 24 years, so good to be back.

Well time to go see the family in Wasilla, maybe do some blueberry picking with them tomorrow.  Hhmm, blueberry pie anyone?  Hopefully we will be able to avoid the bears and any other critters that may be roaming around.  Up next on the docket, salmon fishing, maybe some moose hunting, boating, hiking, sight seeing, animal tracking amount other things you don’t get to go everyday in Denver.



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